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Aldrich Valley Pottery


Cindy and Gary Martin of Missouri create their unique collection of functional pottery with custom clay and glazes. Their inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds their Ozark Mountain farm with its abundance of wildflowers and birds This delicate painterly work has been a favorite at Artisan's for many years. We are excited to share the latest creative collection from Aldrich Valley...


Cindy's new work is inspired by her lifelong love and involvement with horses. She shares "I firmly believe in the healing power of the horse, which has led me to work for several years teaching riding to children and teens with physical and learning disabilities.I have been continually amazed at the miracles that can happen when we meet a horse with an open heart. I hope my new work will help you share that magic." The horsehair technique is a dynamic process. The piece is taken from the kiln at 1050F and horsehair and feathers are laid on the pot, where they burn away, producing the totally unique carbon patterns. Prior to firing, multiple layers of terra siqillata (the term means sealed earth), are applied to each piece. This creates a beautiful surface to accept the trails of burning horsehair and feathers. The result is a one-of-a-kind design and a work of art that is truly unique.   



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