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Richard shares "people instantly loved 'em! So he and his dad sought out metal parts - used nails, bushings reducers, edger blades, rocker arms, different types of mufflers, propane and freon tanks, steel balls, nuts and bolts, horseshoes, bicycle seats, lug nuts, springs, tire rims and spark plugs. Each new source of parts becomes an inspiration to a new design. Today, Yardbirds are proudly crafted in Louisville, Kentucky and the menagerie of birds, critters, dogs and cats has grown to over 300! The collection now includes many functional pieces such as holders for salt and pepper, keys, wine bottles and flower pots, as well as pet feeders, coat racks and wall clocks. 

Richard Kolb is a juried member of the Kentucky Arts & Crafts Program. He continues to create birds, dogs, cats and critters of all kinds for one very simple reason "to bring about happiness."

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