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FSD Glass Studio is firmly rooted in American Traditionalism. The studio formally opened in 2008. Joe Burns and Deb Zutant have both been significantly influenced and taught by traditional glass craftsmen and artisans for many years. Their strongly held beliefs are what inspired them to create their recycled wine bottle lanterns. Joe and Deb work with local wineries and restaurants to collect glass that would otherwise end up in landfills.They are, both personally and professionally, committed to recycling and repurposing materials. They love to work with all types of glass, and they felt that incorporating recycled glass into their designs would be an added benefit. Their recycled bottle lanterns are individually cut, then ground and beveled on the inside and out to achieve smoothness and uniformity. The glass votive hangs evenly inside, with approx 10" of chain to hang it. The result is a functional and attractive design for your home or garden. Hang multiple lanterns and create exquisite ambient lighting.

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