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Nothing preserves a memory like a gift that has been personalized. Artisan's is pleased to share the possibilities available from a select group of dedicated artists who will take something special and make it extraordinary.

Fresh. Fabulous. Functional.
Designed by Sheree Burlington of New Hampshire
Create a gift-giving tradition with hand made, hand painted pottery, infused with good thoughts and personalized to create an exceptional gift, ideal for wedding, new baby, new home and family celebrations. Choose from platters, frames and vases add the personalization and your gift is sure to be a favorite keepsake.
$78 - $175 personalization and shipping included.
Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
A beautiful way to commemorate life's special moments.
Hand crafted by Glenn Sullo of Pennsylvania.
Each Memory Box is designed specific to an invitation, photo or other printed memonto which is preserved between two layers of glass. You choose the glass and the handmade paper which will line the inside of the box. Artisan's staff can help with these design decisions. When the box is opened, the back of the lid will house a mirror which can be replaced with a photo, reception card or momento of your choice. The finished piece becomes a wonderful place to store special photos and keepsakes. A one-of-kind gift that will always be treasured.
$145 includes personalization and shipping.
Allow 6 weeks for delivery.
Stylish, unique designs that are functional.
Meticulously crafted by April Sytsma of Missouri.
Frames are always a perfect gift for showers, weddings and new babies. April's collection is crafted with handmade paper, ribbon, glass, vellum and decorative metal trims. Beautiful color selections compliment the theme of each frame. April offers personalization that is carefully done by her. Adding names and dates make your gift selection a family heirloom.
Overall size is 8" x 10"
Holds up to a 4" x 6" 
Order to hang or stand. 
$62 includes personalization and shipping.
Allow 3 weeks for delivery.
Kaliedoscope - noun: a succession of changing patterns and scenes. 
Creatively made by Christina Eadie of New Hampshire.
4" x 4" beveled glass becomes the home to special memories yet offers an everchanging scene with its kaliedoscope design. Ideal for a wedding gift  when Christina includes a copy of the couples invitation and a silver bell. Unique items can also be added to the sand and seashells to further personalize the kaliedoscope. A most unique gift!
 $94 includes personalization and shipping.
 Also available - make your own cube $66.
 Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

An artistic, soulful and timeless way to honor a love one.
Masterly crafted by reknowned sculptor George Carruth of Ohio, 

Stunning sculpted designs combine with meticulous engraving to create a cherished memorial. The Celtic angel design is a perfect blessing to honor the loss of a loved one. George also offers another Celtic design combined with a paw print for those who choose to remember their special pet. Each work of art is crafted in stone for a durable and timeless memorial that will surely become a family heirloom.
Dimensions: W 10.75 x H 6.00 x D 10.50
$108 includes personalization and shipping.
Allow 3 weeks for delivery.


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