Gardens touch our senses…“the greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the 5 senses.” – Hanna Rion

When the garden becomes home for a work of art it can bathe that art in sunshine, enhancing the already existing beauty. The garden collection at Artisan’s is as diverse as the garden flowers…tiny, shiny lady bug plant stakes, large metal sculptures, blown glass hummingbird feeders, clay bird baths, feeders and homes, concrete stepping stones and wind chimes of all kinds. A chickadee feeder brings feathered friends to make you smile, blown glass lights up like a rainbow and a wind chime plays a calming melody, your garden will shine, your spirit will soar.

  • Bottle Benders’ chimes are made from wine bottles that are sliced up and melted down. The rings are then fired in a kiln to around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit until they melt flat. Bottle Benders takes a lot of pride in the making of their chimes out of the best materials. The string on the chime is made out of stainless steel, and will last at least 10 years.
  • American sculptor George Carruth is the artist behind this small art studio. George's work has been sought after, collected, and now, through Carruth Studio and Garden Smiles, given as gifts by those who appreciate original and whimsical home décor. His wife and biggest fan, Deb, helped turn his stone carving passion into a family-run company. What started out as a way to fuel George's passion has turned into a reality, allowing fans and friends to "plant a smile in their garden." From a limitless imagination, George's work is meticulously handcast from original clay and stone sculptures. You can't find art like this at a big box store. Many of our designs have been tested by over thirty years in Ohio's seasons. Everything is created to last, and proudly made in America. George has collaborated with customers and businesses, creating custom orders or licensing George's designs for new and exciting items. He also likes giving back to the community through their fundraising program. Visit today and discover the care, humor and beauty in George's unique style.
  • Designer Stone, Inc. produces three completely diverse styles of Garden Art. They spent their early years getting established and sought “Treasured Finds,” traditional garden decor that can fill a landscaping void and fill all hearts in the process. Their unique earth tones are achieved with Integrated Coloring. The colors will never bubble, peel or flake as some topical applications do and the colors will never fade but will weather perfectly for generations. Each piece will stain in its own unique way with varying imperfections which add beauty and originality to the hand-crafted products. Although Designer Stone, Inc. strives for consistency a variance is to be expected.
  • Francis Metal Works’ majestic sculptures are inspired by the world’s greatest water bird sanctuaries. They are handcrafted from iron and Minnesota fieldstone and offer timeless reflection of nature’s finest works, adding a touch of serenity to any environment. Each spring, Minnesota farmers discover the earth has once again given birth to stones of every imaginable shape and size. They appear to have magically popped to the surface of the farmer’s field, hence they are called fieldstone. This phenomenon is due to the cyclical freezing and thawing of the ground. Often they appear as if giant birds have laid eggs all over the ground. At Francis Metal Works, the finest of these fieldstones are selected from the farms that grow them and add are copyrighted uniquely through iron work to create one of kind sculptures that will adorn that special place for generations.
  • Lisa Regan has been cutting whimsical metal sculpture decor for almost twenty years. After finding success selling her sculptures at regional art fairs, she took the plunge in 1996, quitting her "real" job and going into business for herself. Since then, Garden Deva Sculpture Company has just been getting bigger and bigger. Garden Deva has been featured in: Better Homes & Gardens- Garden Shed Catalog, Southern Living Magazine, and HGTV.
  • Original Design by renowned sculptor George Carruth, hand cast in stone for indoor and outdoor use. A delightful addition to home or garden.
    • Size: 8.5” x 11”
  • Antonio Stradivari (Italian, 1644-1737) is generally regarded as the creator of the most beautiful sounding stringed instruments ever made. No one knows how he did it. Music of the Spheres is still thriving in the post-recessionary economy because the value of such a beautifully crafted instrument playing tones of such incredible clarity with such a rich sustain speaks for itself. It says “I am the Stradivarius of wind chimes!”
  • Handcrafted in Virginia from weather-resistant components, made to be enjoyed year-round. Gorgeous wind chimes that respond to the slightest breeze produce beautiful, uplifting melodies with every movement. Each tube is hand-tuned to ensure that the chime produces a balanced scale which is soothing and pleasant to listen to.
  • Studio M is as passionate about quality as they are about innovation. They strive to create truly distinctive products while holding themselves to a higher standard than others in the industry. They take pride in their work, and together strive to be remarkable—using innovation to make good products great. Each product created starts with a unique piece of artwork—a sketch, painting, or graphic illustration … a mosaic, collage, or piece of wood that’s been burned and painted. Together with talented artists from around the world, Studio M strives to create remarkable products that inspire creativity and personal expression. Art fuels everything they do.
  • All birds, critters, dogs, and cats of Yardbirds are hand-crafted in Kentucky. They are made from scraps, seconds, overruns and discontinued auto, bicycle and garden parts. Yardbirds promises to maintain their tradition of consistently creating exciting new designs. It’s pretty simple: Yardbirds are just about happiness.
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