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Artisan’s pottery collection is a favorite for gift giving, an excellent choice when practicality is desired. Our select group of potters excels at combining artistic form with function. Each artist favors a specific technique including; wheel thrown, slab construction, slip-trailed and stamped. The final piece becomes truly unique to each potter as they apply their signature glazing process.

Daily kitchen duty becomes exciting when these very special pieces enter your home. All functional pottery is safe for the oven and dishwasher. Many artists include recipes… bourbon baked brie, olive oil dip, reddened black fish, Ruston peach cobbler and a must try – ice cream bread. Pottery truly is “art to be used.”

  • Bill Campbell has been a potter for over 30 years. Across the country, his porcelain is admired for its spectacular color and elegant, crisp forms… each piece maintaining some of the energy of its creator. The glazes dance with surprising vibrancy in unexpected patterns. Functional pots become little moments of celebration within the day to day routine.
  • Blanket Creek Pottery started in a garage in the country side of Kentucky in 2001. Each piece is handmade from start to finish, allowing them to be dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Each product is unique with slight variations that serve as functional everyday use pottery, to gifts for any special occasion.
  • Artist Nancy Salamon creates handcrafted white stoneware bowls, platters, plates and more. Each piece is painted carefully with extravagant design and detail. All of Nancy’s pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe. Pieces also serve as a delicate design for china cabinets.
  • Located in the scenic Blue Mountains in northeastern Oregon, Clay in Motion, a family operated business makes traditional American pottery hand-decorated in contemporary patterns and colors. They strive to make beautiful, durable, multi functional pieces that are easy to care for.  Each piece is made carefully by their trained staff, paying special attention to quality and craft.
  • Museware Pottery’s gifts are entirely handmade and are naturally imperfect. Crooked letters, differences in pottery dimension, paint color and darkness, image placement and composition are common characteristics found in each piece. Pieces add a touch of personalization to any gift for any occasion. Personalize it... Fresh. Fabulous. Functional. Designed by Sheree Burlington of New Hampshire Create a gift-giving tradition with hand made, hand painted pottery, infused with good thoughts and personalized to create an exceptional gift, ideal for wedding, new baby, new home and family celebrations. Choose from platters, frames and vases add the personalization and your gift is sure to be a favorite keepsake. $78 - $175 personalization and shipping included. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
  • Terry Acker has been working as an artist for over 20 years. She creates functional pottery and large sculptural vases and bowls made from high-fire white stoneware clay. Unique pieces are made for both everyday use as well as gifts for special occasions. Each product has a touch of humbleness, nature, and joy.
  • Hilborn Pottery Design, owned and operated by Rick and Nancy Hilborn, has been producing Canadian handmade pottery since 1975. Nancy’s creative and unique design style has enabled the studio to provide a distinctive brand of functional pottery that is well-known and respected across North America. Rick, referred to as the “Assistant Potter” by their three children, tackles the sales and business aspects of Hilborn Pottery. Lisa, their daughter, runs the production side of the studio. With the great help of a few exceptional employees, Hilborn Pottery continues to offer exceptional quality and design in its funky ceramic pots, that are food and drink safe as well as oven, microwave and dishwasher proof.
  • Bryan Becker Clay Werks Inc. was established in 1983. It is a full service pottery studio and Gallery, housed in a 1928 dairy barn. Each bowl is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel by ceramic artist Bryan Becker. The clay used is called "high fire" stoneware. After a slight drying time, a special tool is used to inscribe a message around the rim of the bowl. Because every bowl is handcrafted, one at a time, names and dates can be added. The bowl is later trimmed of excess clay and signed by the artist. After its initial firing (bisque), the bowl is glazed with one of six custom colors, and fired to 2354 degrees F. This "high fire" process gives each piece its lasting durability, ready for food, dishwashers, microwaves and home ovens. It can also be enjoyed for years as a decorative keepsake.
  • Bill Campbell has been a potter for over 30 years. Across the country, his porcelain is admired for its spectacular color and elegant, crisp forms... each piece maintaining some of the energy of its creator. The glazes dance with surprising vibrancy in unexpected patterns. Functional pots become little moments of celebration within the day to day routine.
  • All items by All Fired Up are designed and made in their studio in Milton, Ontario. Their medium is earthenware (low-fire ceramic). They employ a number of different techniques in making, decorating and glazing products – hand painting, silk screening, slip-trailing, sponging, airbrushing, dipping, wax resist. Sometimes, they use multiple techniques on the same piece!
  • Starry Lights are handmade works of Beth Berggren. A handcrafted product from Beth’s collections makes a unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion from birthdays and graduations, to wedding favors. Products include hand etched and hand painted terra cotta tea candle luminaries.
  • Ray's Pottery has a goal: to enhance the celebration of daily life and enrich its simple joys. They strive to create an intimate connection between human hands when using pots, a shared moment that often seems increasingly absent in one's life. All of the pottery produced by Ray's Pottery is handmade. It is either thrown on a potters' wheel, slab built or extruded. It is then fired in a kiln, which uses propane for fuel, to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. Ray's Pottery is thankful to have a great team of jewelers and employees to work with, as well as the support of their customers over the 3 decades in the business.
  • The combined talents of Andrew Jones & Kathleen Chase-Jones are brought together in this unique pottery partnership. Centered on Cape Cod, we find our inspiration in the environment around us. A sense of artistic adventure, along with a love for our seaside surroundings have created a wonderful blend of the whimsical and the practical in our work. We make custom pottery that is great for events such as weddings and graduations, and make fantastic gifts for family and teachers!
  • Steve has been making unique and decorative functional pottery for 24 years. He uses  a variety of airbrush, resist and glazing techniques to achieve his Rising Moon Pattern which depicts the moon rising over the North Carolina mountains he calls home.  The pottery is safe for the microwave, oven, dishwasher  and it is lead free.
  • American sculptor George Carruth is the artist behind this small art studio. George's work has been sought after, collected, and now, through Carruth Studio and Garden Smiles, given as gifts by those who appreciate original and whimsical home décor. His wife and biggest fan, Deb, helped turn his stone carving passion into a family-run company. What started out as a way to fuel George's passion has turned into a reality, allowing fans and friends to "plant a smile in their garden." From a limitless imagination, George's work is meticulously handcast from original clay and stone sculptures. You can't find art like this at a big box store. Many of our designs have been tested by over thirty years in Ohio's seasons. Everything is created to last, and proudly made in America. George has collaborated with customers and businesses, creating custom orders or licensing George's designs for new and exciting items. He also likes giving back to the community through their fundraising program. Visit today and discover the care, humor and beauty in George's unique style.
  • Sam and Sarah Costanza began throwing pots in West Palm beach Florida. Sam’s college education included an apprenticeship with the head ceramics professor at palm beach Atlantic University. His close knit family all have a love of pottery, with his wife Sarah, her sister Jessica and husband Frisner they created success with Palm Beach Pottery. In 2012 after meeting the owners of Mosquito Mud Pottery they were trained in their techniques and purchased the business. We are now proud to say they are a “local” artisans with a studio in CT. All designs are functional stoneware ideal for cooking, serving and décor. They use high fire stoneware and make all of their own glazes. Each piece is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. As potters and artists they feel it is very important to "blend art into daily life”.
  • Down to Earth Pottery little dishes, pillar and tea-light candle holders are hand-made with care and quality by our staff. Each piece is hand thrown, expertly glazed by hand and high fired. Unlike mass produced pottery, each creation is unique, varying slightly in color and size. They also contain recycled glass, melted down to create iridescent hues that will brighten any home.
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