Original sculptures that breathe life into your home and garden.

American sculptor George Carruth is the artist behind this small art studio. George’s work has been sought after, collected, and now, through Carruth Studio and Garden Smiles, given as gifts by those who appreciate original and whimsical home décor. His wife and biggest fan, Deb, helped turn his stone carving passion into a family-run company. What started out as a way to fuel George’s passion has turned into a reality, allowing fans and friends to “plant a smile in their garden.”
From a limitless imagination, George’s work is meticulously handcast from original clay and stone sculptures. You can’t find art like this at a big box store. Many of our designs have been tested by over thirty years in Ohio’s seasons. Everything  is created to last, and proudly made in America. George has collaborated with customers and businesses, creating custom orders or licensing George’s designs for new and exciting items. He also likes giving back to the community through their fundraising program. Visit today and discover the care, humor and beauty in George’s unique style.