It all began in 1980 when George Carruth accepted a job sculpting products for American Greeting Cards. Now George is one a America’s most popular sculptors designing for indoor and outdoor spaces.The demand for George’s sculptures and outdoor garden statues eventually led to the casting of George’s designs into stone, so that multiple images could be produced. Now George’s sun faces, outdoor plaques and garden accents are portrayed on the covers of mail order garden and gift catalogs. 3000 art galleries, craft shops and nurseries exhibit these unique classic and whimsical designs from coast to coast. Who would have thought this passion for creativity could be so much fun, and turn into a thriving business called Carruth Studio, Inc.?

Well, his wife Deborah seemed to know it all along. She left her career as an Occupational Therapist and became the left-brained promoter, businessperson and manager of Carruth Studio from the very beginning, thus allowing right-brained George to focus on the artwork instead of struggling through the daily technical requirements of running a successful business.

George Carruth’s work has been honored in a documentary produced by public television and it has been making people smile for over 25 years. These unique sculptures are found in homes across the country and around the world. Several times a year George signs purchases at his Garden Smiles gallery in Waterville, Ohio. At these signings, customers share the intended destination of their newly purchased sculpture. Often the gift is being sent out of state, and frequently to a friend or relative living in a foreign country. Again, who would have thought?

Whether it’s corporate gifts, or something simple for the neighbor, his designs offer unique and appropriate gifts for any occasion. Since each design can be displayed indoors or out, these sculptures are often displayed in gardens, kitchens, sunrooms, patios, windowsills, bookshelves and end tables. So whether you choose a Diva Fairy, for a grand-daughter or a Motorcycle plaque, for a brother-in-law, you will know they don’t already have one, and it’s unlikely that they have seen anything quite like it. Each piece is sculpted in his Ohio studio and hand cast in stone for years of pleasure indoors or out. Own a Carruth original and see the charm and whimsy come to life in your home or garden.