In California Holly Hosterman and Paul Lubitz have been creating jewelry for 25 years based on craft, creativity and imagination. Each piece of their jewelry tells us a story through signature design paired with fine metals, gemstones and the finest Austrian crystals.

Tens of thousands of earrings ago – Holly Yashi was born in a rented garage in the small college town of Arcata, deep behind the “Redwood Curtain” along the rugged coast of Northern California. The company started almost as a lark – two young Humboldt State University graduates, in love, and in search of “real” careers. Their shared vision that began it all carries through to today.

A partnership of art and industry, Holly Yashi was founded in 1981 by jewelry designer Holly Hosterman and industrial artist Paul Lubitz (a.k.a. Yashi). Holly Yashi’s stylish jewelry, with its amazing, luminous colors and innovative materials, met with immediate success in the marketplace, and the company soon became known throughout the U.S. Today, Holly Yashi is a multi-million dollar studio with a staff of over 50 artisans supplying a world-wide demand for Paul and Holly’s unmistakable Jewelry as Art. Each new collection from Holly Yashi continues to amaze collectors and captivate newcomers.