Inventive design, exquisite fabric, master craftsmanship…the result…hand bags you will love and one will not be enough. Maruca Design is true to their heart and proud to say “we don’t develop product, we hand make handbags”. After 15 years their greatest triumph has been keeping their production close to home. Their fabrics are designed in-house, each design is woven in the U.S. and every stitch is hand sewn in Colorado. An exceptional example of hand made in America.

The spunky spirit of this company begins with designer Carrie Vadas. Her inspiration for fabric design comes from “everywhere.” Her eyes are always searching… vintage wallpaper, Chinese lanterns and gift cards have all offered a spark to her marvelous creations. Carrie’s color choices are based on current trends and very often clothing stores look to Maruca’s color plan to guide their buying decisions for each season. Design doesn’t stop there fashion-conscious shapes combine with function and streamline comfort. Maruca’s finished hand bags glow with personality and each season they never fail in their mission to “lift the spirits of their users and beautify the world around them.”