Museware Pottery designs and creates unique personalized pottery ideal gifts for wedding, new baby and family celebrations. The talent behind Museware is artist Sheree Burlington.

Sheree started her professional design career in 1985 and spent the next 18 years designing interiors in particular, kitchens. Her kitchens have been published in a number of magazines, one book and on the side of a really big truck. In 1998, Sheree walked into a local paint-your-own-pottery studio and became completely obsessed. In 2002, a friend (and former kitchen client) and Sheree opened “You’re Fired – Paint Your Own Pottery and Mosaics.” By 2005 they owned and operated three successful studios with Ladies’ Night twice a week. Adults only. BYO wine and beer. Packs of women would arrive early to stake out a table. Laughing, talking, and painting pottery. They’d come back a week later and their creations were ready – all glazed & fired and bright & shiny. Some of them had never done a creative thing in their lives. Suddenly, they were practically Picasso. Sheree says “it was awesome.”

As Creative Director (a title she just made up for herself) she was in charge of the visuals at YF. She designed the interiors, the in-store marketing materials and the advertising. She also painted most of the store samples. She taught herself to paint by studying the work of the designers at Droll Design and artist Laurel Burch. One day after stepping into a scrap booking store, she walked out with a set of foam alphabet stamps. Every letter was a different font. Sheree made her first wedding platter and gave it to the soon to be married manager of their Bedford store. She showed it to a few people first and they loved it. She totally bought into it – sold her shares of the business to her business partner and Museware Pottery was born.