St. Clair Designs

St Clair Designs is a small company located in Woodland Park, CO (West of Colorado Springs).  All of their beautiful bags are made by the owner, Megan, and a handful of home sewers in her little mountain town. The endless variety of fabrics, incorporating vast amounts of different patterns, colors, and textures all pieced together with an artistic eye, is what sets St Clair Designs’ products apart.

Megan finds her fabrics from a variety of different places, including online companies, retail fabric stores (when they have good sales) and from several interior design manufactures who send along their “left-overs”. The more different incorporated into a pattern the better! Each pattern goes through a process of “testing” during the design process, to include alterations like adding a pocket here or there, changing a regular strap to an adjustable one, and so on.  Each design is also given a name, often named after the woman who inspired the design, or after an important person in Megan’s life!