120 East Street, Route 10, Plainville, CT 06062      860.747.4121      Store Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 11-5, Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-5.


Jewelry, well chosen, can set the tone…from business meeting to social event. Jewelry is to an outfit like the last brush stroke of a painting. Wear it and your spirits soar…happiness, confidence, appreciation or maybe a fond memory of receiving it as a gift. A piece that has been hand crafted is worthy of being passed on and becomes a very special heirloom.

Artisan’s ever changing selection showcases as many as 75 American craftsmen. The jewelers who create for our collection fabricate in a vast assortment of materials, sterling silver, 14KT gold, brass, copper, clay, pewter and glass. Many pieces result from very unique techniques including patinas and casting. Creativity flows with the addition of semi precious stones, crystal, glass, beads of all kind, buttons, fabric and unusual adornments. Every finished piece is a work of art telling its own story.

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