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Home is where the heart is…Home is where your individuality awakens…Home is where you surround yourself with all that you love!

Home décor is a favorite category for the buyers at Artisans. When first starting out over 28 years ago our old adage was “go ahead, take a chance, if it doesn’t sell I would love to have it for my home.” We quickly learned that if we really loved it so would a customer, so if we really wanted it at home we should order two! Today we continue to seek the American craftsmen who create the unusual. Our collection encompasses traditional to eclectic and has an astounding array of techniques and materials. The selection amazes with clocks, wall art, picture frames, sculptures, mirrors, lamps and the truly unique. Whether decorating your home or gracing the home of family or friend, the buyers at Artisans will gladly consult on color, size, style or availability assuring your purchase will be exceptional.

  • The Nelson family started making simple candles in their basement. Now, they craft a truly unique candle that burns with a "twist" - literally! An outer spiral wick burns around the scented candle before self-extinguishing. When it is done, the wooden wick inside the candle can be lit like a traditional pillar, which makes a nice crackling sound, too.
  • All items by All Fired Up are designed and made in their studio in Milton, Ontario. Their medium is earthenware (low-fire ceramic). They employ a number of different techniques in making, decorating and glazing products – hand painting, silk screening, slip-trailing, sponging, airbrushing, dipping, wax resist. Sometimes, they use multiple techniques on the same piece!
  • John’s drawings and illustrations have been compared to Charles Bragg and Daumier. He depicts his unusual interpretations of common situations and clichés creating complex and sophisticated satirical art pieces. Fanciful lines flow from his pens and pencils in an antic parade. A keen observer of life, John tends to zero-in on society’s idiosyncratic elements in practicing his brand of work.
  • Ingela Norén and Daniel Grant create finely crafted works of functional art. Art, furniture and accessories are completely hand painted with Grant Noren studio’s buttermilk glazes and lacquered on wood.
  • Beautiful free formed "velvet" Mesquite wood, inlaid Turquoise and pierced Copper. A small staff of craftsmen contribute to the making of the lamps and shades at W. Kohler. The business has grown throughout the years, but the uniqueness and quality of each lamp remains. Lamp bases are free formed “Velvet” Mesquite harvested from the Sonora Desert, which is some of the most diverse and dense wood found anywhere on Earth. Each piece is handcrafted making it a one-of-a-kind heirloom. Turquoise is inlaid in the naturally developed cracks of the wood. Each lamp is topped off with a shade hand crafted in 100% copper with a unique pierced design. The copper shade is finished with a hand applied patina and a clear lacquer finish to protect it. The result is MAGICAL as the design is cast on to the wall when lit. Nature’s finest elements are brought together in a brilliant display of craftsmanship and artistry. These lamps are inlaid with brilliant turquoise, worked into mesquite wood burls; two materials emblematic of the American Southwest, where they are made. No two are the same, each reflecting the unique characteristics and personality of a single tree.
  • Spooner Creek/Macone Clay is the art of Michael Macone.  Every piece is handmade in God's country - Northwest Wisconsin. Michael creates frames with heart touching quotes and intricate designs that add warmth to your home or office.
  • Pink Cloud’s wagging tail cat and dog clocks are designed and made in Sharon, CT. They are made of wood and metal. Each clock runs on AA battery. All clocks are handmade and guaranteed for one year after purchase.
  • An idea sparked by a pile of discarded wine bottles - wine bottle candles with scents that mimic wine! Hand cut wine bottles become the vessels for all natural soy candles. The fragrances, well all we can say is WOW! This fall favorite, Spiked Cider is sure to warm up those chilly evenings offering a rich blend of fresh apple, cinnamon, and clove. To finish it off we’ve spiked it with the deep, buttery aroma of dark rum. Premium Natural Soy Wax
  • Marty Kubicki does all of the design work, original engravings, master mold work, and is personally involved in every aspect of The Porcelain Garden studio. Their first creations were functional household ceramics, with sculpted flower decorations; hence the name “The Porcelain Garden.” During the early 1980s, the artists started carving in translucent porcelain, and enjoyed the direction that their work was taking them. When they were introduced to Lithophanes by a collector, they had never seen such amazing work done in porcelain before! This wonderful art form had nearly disappeared, and only a few people were still familiar with it. There was a huge potential appeal that these beautiful artworks had, so the artists set out to reintroduce Lithophanes to the world. They originated the concept of Lithophanes as nightlights, at a time when few artists were making tasteful and artistic nightlights. Their long-term commitment to supplying the highest quality porcelain lighting possible has resulted in an enormously loyal following and notable respect in the American Handcrafts Community.
  • BRING A LITTLE BIT OF NATURE INDOORS Oh, if this stone could talk... "I was born from magma in the center of the world, millions of years ago. I've traveled thousands of miles through the shifting earth to what would become New England. I've been deep underground, deep underwater, and high on a hill. I've been splintered by glaciers, baked in the sun, and rolled and dashed relentlessly by the mighty Atlantic. My epic journey ended when I was carefully chosen from gazillions of neighbors based on my coloring and shape, for an inventive role in your home. Life is easier now, and sweet... So when you touch me, I will touch you back and tell you my story." Special thanks to the sea stone artists for sharing this marvelous story! DON'T MISS THE BOOZE CUBES ideal for the whiskey, bourbon drinkers to prevent diluting.
  • Steve has been making unique and decorative functional pottery for 24 years. He uses  a variety of airbrush, resist and glazing techniques to achieve his Rising Moon Pattern which depicts the moon rising over the North Carolina mountains he calls home.  The pottery is safe for the microwave, oven, dishwasher  and it is lead free.
  • The creator behind all this whimsy is Rebecca Grills a resident of Mystic, CT. Rebecca's first business launched a frozen pizza —"Mystic Pizza"—to supermarkets up and down the east coast. After selling the business in 2001, Rebecca turned her stained glass hobby into her dream business. Armed with an MBA from the University of Connecticut, a creative passion for all things colorful, and a vision of fun, Rebecca and Summer Glass are brightening homes and businesses nationwide. In the summer of 2003, Summer Glass opened a renovated studio just a stones throw away from the Mystic River. The structure dates back 100 years, but is now functioning in the 21st century!
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