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Wood defined by Webster’s dictionary “tree logs as prepared for human use”. We see it all around us and often take it for granted as we climb a set of stairs. Cultivated directly from nature this artistic medium offers beauty before the artist even lays his hands on it. Domestic or exotic once it is cut, shaped, sanded and finished it becomes more beautiful, the finished piece is always exquisite.

Our wood collection focuses on functional designs bringing art into your daily living. Traditional cutting boards, bottle stoppers, jewelry boxes, toys and even wood inlay used on pocket knives showcase the unique colors and grains that can only be created by nature. It is the talent of the artists that bring to life the functionality of each finished piece. Selections from our wood collection have become popular choices for wedding, anniversary and house warming gifts and are destined to be a family heirloom.

  • Schlabaugh and Sons has been handcrafting clocks and other creative wood products since 1981. Their studio is located in Kalona, Iowa, the heart of Amish country.
  • Founded in 1986 by Mike Mikutowski and his wife Liz, Mikutowski Woodworking is the definition of “small but mighty.”  Many are shocked to learn that the fine woodworking shop, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and specializing in high-quality jewelry boxes, employs only about five people to take raw lumber through the largely hands-on production process.  Another four employees bring the finished product through the invoicing, packing, and shipping stages; these individuals are also responsible for cultivating and maintaining customer relationships.  Despite the small workforce, Mikutowski Woodworking manages to produce close to 40 different products and sells to high-end galleries from coast to coast.
  • Erik lives on the coast of Virginia with his wife and two sons. Woodworking started out as a way to relax after a hard day at the office. It has now turned into a full time career. Most of the wood purchased is from local vendors. Endangered species are not used. Some of the wood is recycled from tree surgeons who remove it for natural or safety reasons. Some of the wood is one of a kind, therefore, will not be found anywhere else in the USA. Erik takes great effort in making use of mother nature's resources by using recycled wood. This makes for an earth friendly "green" supply of wood and keeps costs lower. He mills and air dries much of his wood. He uses trees that are blown down by wind storms, some by city removal, and some from tree arborists who are sending logs to landfills.
  • Ingela Norén and Daniel Grant create finely crafted works of functional art. Art, furniture and accessories are completely hand painted with Grant Noren studio’s buttermilk glazes and lacquered on wood.
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