Anna Balkan grew up in the Ukraine, where the culture was grey and resourcefulness was a necessity. “I’ve never had any preconceived notions of which colors go together. Because I lived in a world that was so drab, I thought all color was beautiful.” Anna immigrated to the US as a political refugee in 1992 at the age of 20, alone, unable to speak the language, and with barely enough money to survive.

Over a period of time, Anna’s trust in herself and her tenacity enabled her to pursue her dream. Today, Anna Balkan Jewelry is a successful, growing business dedicated to the unique woman. At the heart of Anna’s jewelry is her wish for you to be beautiful and be you. When you find that right color combination of gems and metal that goes well with your complexion, it will go great with everything in your wardrobe simply because you are the common denominator. Each piece of Anna’s jewelry is a reminder to celebrate life and its beautiful moments.

Let the power of color illuminate the power of you.