Fabric a staple of daily living, ordinary and necessary. When used as medium by America’s talented craftsmen and women the result is “art to wear”. Many of our artists design and create their own fabrics. Color, texture and design combine to offer a fabulous foundation for creativity to flow. The end result can be nothing but spectacular.

Our collection began with scarves, quickly grew to include handbags and now offers reversible jackets and faux fur gloves and vests. The newest trend is creating with recycled materials like old sweaters crafted into finger less gloves. Our customers are loving this collection whether choosing a gift or treating themselves a smile is a sure thing! We the buyers at Artisan’s are enjoying the challenge of finding the next unusual piece of “art to wear”.

  • Corrine Hodel of Autumn Fern’s love for ferns first had her making her sun print handbags. Her sun print handbags are made using a linen blend material that she hand dyes using a heat sensitive dye. They have two main pockets with zipper closures and a back pocket with a Velcro closure. The lining is a cotton batik design. Corrine uses a variety of foliages and hand cut images, from ferns and leaves to dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Maruca Design embraces the principles of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America (1860-1910)…A movement that invigorated and emphasized the value placed on traditional and decorative craftsmanship using simple forms. Maruca Design, believes that creating small production runs of their bags within a cottage industry, creates a consciousness that humanizes their work and makes for a more “harmonious society”.  The result is that they can tout a product that is unique, well made and moves from heart to hand. As an American-based company, they seek to balance resourcefulness and creativity. After 25 years, they remain rooted in the principles of this philosophy.  However, ultimately it is the consumer who will determine the value placed on American made handcraft.
  • Artists Nicole and David Stasinski create stunning silk pieces. Each piece is like no other. Together they create vibrant colored scarves as well as sconchos, a unique piece to be worn a variety of ways.
  • Solmate Socks was started in the year 2000 by Marianne Wakerlin with the simple idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” As a lifelong textile artist with a wonderful eye for design and keen instinct for business, she knew there was a market for beautifully crafted, mismatched socks made right here in America. Solmate Socks' product line also expanded to include hats, mittens, and scarves in addition to mismatched, colorful socks. Passionate about color, pattern, and quality, they draw inspiration from the exquisite natural beauty that surrounds them in the Pacific Northwest.
  • St Clair Designs is a small company located in Woodland Park, CO (West of Colorado Springs).  All of their beautiful bags are made by the owner, Megan, and a handful of home sewers in her little mountain town. The endless variety of fabrics, incorporating vast amounts of different patterns, colors, and textures all pieced together with an artistic eye, is what sets St Clair Designs’ products apart. Megan finds her fabrics from a variety of different places, including online companies, retail fabric stores (when they have good sales) and from several interior design manufactures who send along their “left-overs”. The more different incorporated into a pattern the better! Each pattern goes through a process of “testing” during the design process, to include alterations like adding a pocket here or there, changing a regular strap to an adjustable one, and so on.  Each design is also given a name, often named after the woman who inspired the design, or after an important person in Megan’s life!
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