Gardens touch our senses…“the greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the 5 senses.” – Hanna Rion

When the garden becomes home for a work of art it can bathe that art in sunshine, enhancing the already existing beauty. The garden collection at Artisan’s is as diverse as the garden flowers…tiny, shiny lady bug plant stakes, large metal sculptures, blown glass hummingbird feeders, clay bird baths, feeders and homes, concrete stepping stones and wind chimes of all kinds. A chickadee feeder brings feathered friends to make you smile, blown glass lights up like a rainbow and a wind chime plays a calming melody, your garden will shine, your spirit will soar.

  • Beach Kaleidoscope is handcrafted in New Hampshire. Stained glass artist Christina Eadie brings the ever changing beauty of the seashore to your home or office. Each piece contains a unique selection from nature including seashells, sand dollars, and beach glass.
  • Glass Eye Studio was founded in 1978 by Seattle glass blowers who wanted to provide customers with quality handmade art glass that was also affordable. The Glass Eye Studio design approach is "teamwork." Their team strives for innovative, affordable and leading-edge glass design. Glass Eye makes an intense effort at new product lines resulting from customer feedback and exploration of 'century old' glass forming techniques.
  • Gray Art Glass is known for their Witch Balls which are historically hung in the window to ward off evil spirits. By nature, witches are curious creatures and are attached to the sheer beauty, sparkling bubbles and strands of colored glass. Witches enter the glass ball, only to be trapped for life.
  • In 2004, spurred on by the fact that there seemed to be very few American glass artists interested in making high-quality, Jill Henrietta Davis began designing the production pieces that would eventually grow into "Henrietta Glass". Henrietta Glass seeks to provide excellent design and craftsmanship. All glass pieces are designed by Jill Davis and are hand blown, one at a time, at the Henrietta Glass studio in Pawtucket, RI, by Jill and her team of 4 other artists. Jill creates unique glass designs such as small vases, and wine stoppers. She conveys humor and joy into each design, with an array of bright colors and intricate designs. Jill is the creator of ‘mom’s little vase’, a tiny vase that holds a single flower, simple yet extravagant.
  • After more than 17 years in a career of designing art through handmade blown glass, Michael Hudson is at the forefront of creating glass objects of desire. As the owner of Hudson Glass, Michael approaches the demands of glassblowing and glass sculpting with excellence in creativity and product design. His return to Louisville, Kentucky, led him to invest time working in various studios and assisting in the creation of the University of Louisville Glass Program. Hudson Glass designs decorative and functional handmade glass artwork that captures the true beauty of color and light. All of their collectible treasures are handmade in Kentucky, one by one, in the traditional method of blown glass.
  • Artists Ann and Jay Schwartz have been artistically etching glass since 1975. They have innovated and refined several sandblasting techniques that are unique in the production of artistically sandblasted glass and glassware. The airbrush quality and dimensional depth of the finely detailed etchings illustrates their dedication to producing work that conveys a sense of flow, beauty, and humor. Ann designs and freehand draws all of Jaguar’s imagery. She also skillfully cuts all of her stencils by hand and sandblasts each piece individually. To ensure the authenticity and preserve the timeless value of their art, each individual piece is signed and dated.
  • Kitras Art Glass is a family run, Canadian company, with a strong belief in finding, making and sharing the Everyday Beautiful. Their story started in 1988 when husband and wife duo, Stephen and Elke Kitras moved to small town Fergus, Ontario. Stephen set up a small studio and produced every piece himself, shipping it from their dining room table. In 1999, they suffered the loss of Elke Kitras to Leukemia. Her vision of celebrating beauty in all parts of life is still the driving factor behind every piece Kitras creates and brings to their customers. Kitras is well known for their vibrant colors, and breathtaking patterns. Each piece is unique and is not identical to any other. As utilized centuries ago, ancient methods of glass blowing are still used today to create a one of a kind treasure.
  • Luke Adams is a Boston, MA based glass artist and graduate of Massart. He works with a group of artist assistants to produce his work in glass. Luke states: “From the age of five I know that I was an artist, some of my earliest memories are of drawing and sketching the world around me. Working with hot glass is incredibly fun and rewarding. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do something that I love to do every day.” Luke creates ornaments, sun catchers, dream catchers, and more.
  • Artist Kathy Hudson is the founder of Me 2 U, a business that enables her to pursue her passion in fused glass. Kathy works with kiln-fired glass, creating beautiful art that is sold throughout the country. Her pieces entail eye catching colors that are both affordable and functional.
  • A New Hampshire native Pat Barker began painting glassware in 1998 while living on Sanibel Island off of Florida’s West Coast. Her brightly colored whimsical designs reflect what she loved about island living. In 2012 she returned to New England, where she continues to create new designs in her Massachusetts studio. Her work is Dishwasher safe, top rack. Hand washing is recommended.
  • The proud American artisans of Salusa Glassworks ply their ancient craft in the scenic town of Prescott-- Arizona's "Christmas City." No two pieces are exactly alike! Displayed in a cheery window, perched on a shelf of hung on a holiday tree, your Salusa creation is sure to delight year-round. Gentle rinsing in plain water is the best way to maintain its unique beauty.
  • Cheerful, colorful and inspirational, each blown glass hummingbird is one of a kind, no two are alike. Hang in a window and watch the beautiful colors come to life. Story card included...“In the face of a forest fire, all the animals stood and watched helplessly. Only the small hummingbird took action, taking a few drops of water in his beak, flying over and dropping them onto the flames repeatedly. When they asked what he hoped to accomplish with such a small gesture, the Hummingbird replied: ‘I am doing my share.’”. Hang it in a window and watch the beautiful colors come to life.
    • Size: Length: 4” Width: 3.75” Height: 5”
  • The creator behind all this whimsy is Rebecca Grills a resident of Mystic, CT. Rebecca's first business launched a frozen pizza —"Mystic Pizza"—to supermarkets up and down the east coast. After selling the business in 2001, Rebecca turned her stained glass hobby into her dream business. Armed with an MBA from the University of Connecticut, a creative passion for all things colorful, and a vision of fun, Rebecca and Summer Glass are brightening homes and businesses nationwide. In the summer of 2003, Summer Glass opened a renovated studio just a stones throw away from the Mystic River. The structure dates back 100 years, but is now functioning in the 21st century!
  • Three Crow Glass is an artisanal glass studio located in the heart of the Old Quebec. The studio is owned, managed and operated by Christina Mayr and Jeff Ferrier; two glassblowers with over 20 years of experience in the craft. Despite its current location and visibility, Three Crow Glass had its inception in an unlikely place. In 2002, Jeff and Christina opened their first mutual glass blowing studio in the town of Saint-Ignace-du-Lac. A place known for two things: being isolated and historically flooded. The couple worked relentlessly. Every day, three crows, perched on the closest branch, would observe their toil with a sarcastic detachment. Before long, the glassblowers decided that one day, those three idlers would work for them. It took 8 years of labour for the young enterprise to finally move out of seclusion to Saint Charles close to Quebec City. Simultaneously, Jeff and Christina were able to open a boutique in the Old Quebec to sell their works in retail for the first time. The boutique grew for 6 years in the Petit Champlain district before moving right next to City Hall in 2016. Today, Three Crow Glass is a must-see feature of the historic center of Quebec City. Visitors are invited to witness how Jeff and Christina create glass art following traditional methods. Every day, they are helped by talented assistants and a friendly sales staff in the transmission of their passion for glass craft.
  • Zetamari Mosaic Artworks are handcrafted in Seattle, Washington. Artist Angie begins by shaping each mirror base from birch with standard shop tools. Then, she precisely shapes and sets each piece using traditional mosaic techniques. Once the setting is complete, she grouts using colored cement giving the piece a unified and finished look. Angie finds the creation of each piece a meditative and cathartic way of working with her hands. She takes pride in the work that she does and hopes to educate the public about this ancient art form and to increase public appreciation for hand-crafted artwork. She also hopes to bring the joy of spirit she feels during the creation of each piece to the home of others.
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