• Artist Brooke Andrews is one of are few artists who create pins and each includes a story card making them very special. Read on about Brooke’s very particular process… each piece begins with a vision, spontaneously toying with her imagination, until it feels “ripened.” Then she sketches the image directly onto porcelain clay, using techniques in the tradition of bas relief carving. The final design rises out of the porcelain “canvas” after many hours of coaxing, gently carving away the layers of “negative space” – what the design is not. Once the design is developed, the original piece is bisque fired. Clay hand press molds are created from the “mother piece,” and kiln fired. The “children” or actual product pieces are hand pressed into the molds using white or color-stained porcelain clay, then bisque fired. Next, color stains are applied, dried, and wiped down to reveal the detail of the relief carving. Underglazes provide highlights. The second kiln firing fixes this layer of color. Finally, an over glaze, containing 11% gold by weight, is carefully painted around the edge to frame each piece and to accent designs such as the Fireflies and Iris. The third and final firing brings the images to life, wonderful art to wear!
  • Will Carswell handcrafts heirloom-quality, eco-friendly, wooden jigsaw puzzles one at a time from start to finish in the foothills of Western Massachusetts. With each new puzzle he creates, he strives to give you the most memorable, unique, jigsaw puzzling experience possible along with an enjoyable opportunity to slow down amidst a fast-paced world. Originally a British tradition, each Zen Art puzzle includes a number of unique to the puzzle themed pieces. For example the chameleon puzzle has pieces shaped as a chameleon, dragonfly and other insects and salamanders. These specially shaped pieces are called whimsies. Enrich your life with the challenge and charm of these wonderful whimsical pieces, the beautiful imagery of the puzzles, and the devious trickery he designs into most of our puzzles, such as false borders and false corners! Enjoy tranquil solitude or togetherness with family and friends as you discover the nuances of each new puzzle you choose for your collection! Zen Puzzles™ and Peapod Puzzles™ also make the perfect, unique, giftable keepsake! As both a profit and a mission driven company, Zen Art uses eco-friendly materials, collaborates with non-profits, and donates a portion of profits to social and ecological causes.
  • J. Brooke Patterson is an artist currently working in Oakland, CA.  In 1993, she earned her BA degree in Art from UC Berkeley, where she focused on drawing and printmaking.  For some years she had made these dioramas for friends and family, simply using chicken eggs.  In 1996, she began selling them through an Open Studios event in Berkeley, CA, where they quickly sold out.  In 2000, it became a full-time artistic pursuit, and she now exhibits in many shows and stores throughout the country.
  • Renaissance Jewelry is handcrafted in their studio just outside Asheville, North Carolina. The glass is fired in a kiln to over 1400 degrees in several layers. Each color combination is unique, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike.
  • Embossed leather with pewter closures by Oberon Design hold removable hard bound unlined journals, ideal for writing or drawing. Hand stitched with magnetic and unusual closures by Reimagined hold quality handmade paper, perfect for creating a treasure of memories or drawings.
  • BRING A LITTLE BIT OF NATURE INDOORS Oh, if this stone could talk... "I was born from magma in the center of the world, millions of years ago. I've traveled thousands of miles through the shifting earth to what would become New England. I've been deep underground, deep underwater, and high on a hill. I've been splintered by glaciers, baked in the sun, and rolled and dashed relentlessly by the mighty Atlantic. My epic journey ended when I was carefully chosen from gazillions of neighbors based on my coloring and shape, for an inventive role in your home. Life is easier now, and sweet... So when you touch me, I will touch you back and tell you my story." Special thanks to the sea stone artists for sharing this marvelous story! DON'T MISS THE BOOZE CUBES ideal for the whiskey, bourbon drinkers to prevent diluting.
  • Beautiful free formed "velvet" Mesquite wood, inlaid Turquoise and pierced Copper. A small staff of craftsmen contribute to the making of the lamps and shades at W. Kohler. The business has grown throughout the years, but the uniqueness and quality of each lamp remains. Lamp bases are free formed “Velvet” Mesquite harvested from the Sonora Desert, which is some of the most diverse and dense wood found anywhere on Earth. Each piece is handcrafted making it a one-of-a-kind heirloom. Turquoise is inlaid in the naturally developed cracks of the wood. Each lamp is topped off with a shade hand crafted in 100% copper with a unique pierced design. The copper shade is finished with a hand applied patina and a clear lacquer finish to protect it. The result is MAGICAL as the design is cast on to the wall when lit. Nature’s finest elements are brought together in a brilliant display of craftsmanship and artistry. These lamps are inlaid with brilliant turquoise, worked into mesquite wood burls; two materials emblematic of the American Southwest, where they are made. No two are the same, each reflecting the unique characteristics and personality of a single tree.
  • Solmate Socks was started in the year 2000 by Marianne Wakerlin with the simple idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” As a lifelong textile artist with a wonderful eye for design and keen instinct for business, she knew there was a market for beautifully crafted, mismatched socks made right here in America. Solmate Socks' product line also expanded to include hats, mittens, and scarves in addition to mismatched, colorful socks. Passionate about color, pattern, and quality, they draw inspiration from the exquisite natural beauty that surrounds them in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Artists Nicole and David Stasinski create stunning silk pieces. Each piece is like no other. Together they create vibrant colored scarves as well as sconchos, a unique piece to be worn a variety of ways.
  • Corrine Hodel of Autumn Fern’s love for ferns first had her making her sun print handbags. Her sun print handbags are made using a linen blend material that she hand dyes using a heat sensitive dye. They have two main pockets with zipper closures and a back pocket with a Velcro closure. The lining is a cotton batik design. Corrine uses a variety of foliages and hand cut images, from ferns and leaves to dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Maruca Design embraces the principles of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America (1860-1910)…A movement that invigorated and emphasized the value placed on traditional and decorative craftsmanship using simple forms. Maruca Design, believes that creating small production runs of their bags within a cottage industry, creates a consciousness that humanizes their work and makes for a more “harmonious society”.  The result is that they can tout a product that is unique, well made and moves from heart to hand. As an American-based company, they seek to balance resourcefulness and creativity. After 25 years, they remain rooted in the principles of this philosophy.  However, ultimately it is the consumer who will determine the value placed on American made handcraft.
  • Basic Spirit is a homegrown company located in the seaside village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia. Their business and passion is to create gifts that touch the heart & delight the spirit. Using traditional methods of pewtersmithing with high quality, lead free metal, they put a fresh twist on their line of fine pewter.
  • Spooner Creek/Macone Clay is the art of Michael Macone.  Every piece is handmade in God's country - Northwest Wisconsin. Michael creates frames with heart touching quotes and intricate designs that add warmth to your home or office.
  • Erik lives on the coast of Virginia with his wife and two sons. Woodworking started out as a way to relax after a hard day at the office. It has now turned into a full time career. Most of the wood purchased is from local vendors. Endangered species are not used. Some of the wood is recycled from tree surgeons who remove it for natural or safety reasons. Some of the wood is one of a kind, therefore, will not be found anywhere else in the USA. Erik takes great effort in making use of mother nature's resources by using recycled wood. This makes for an earth friendly "green" supply of wood and keeps costs lower. He mills and air dries much of his wood. He uses trees that are blown down by wind storms, some by city removal, and some from tree arborists who are sending logs to landfills.
  • Sunblossom Solar Gifts is an award winner. Designated as one of Michigan's "Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies" (2010-2017), it continues to innovate and produce undeniably unique solar powered products. With chiming and movement, the outdoors is brought inside. No wind. No batteries to replace. No fans or electricity.
  • Founded in 1986 by Mike Mikutowski and his wife Liz, Mikutowski Woodworking is the definition of “small but mighty.”  Many are shocked to learn that the fine woodworking shop, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and specializing in high-quality jewelry boxes, employs only about five people to take raw lumber through the largely hands-on production process.  Another four employees bring the finished product through the invoicing, packing, and shipping stages; these individuals are also responsible for cultivating and maintaining customer relationships.  Despite the small workforce, Mikutowski Woodworking manages to produce close to 40 different products and sells to high-end galleries from coast to coast.
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